My Secret

Hair Enhancer

your answer to fine or thinning hai

* For both men and women

* Adds volume and thickness

* Provides additional coverage

* Natural colors

* Water resistant, does not run

* Shampoos out

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The original Jade East from the 1950’s has become a classic fragrance for today’s man. Regency Cosmetics continues the Jade East tradition providing a choice of sizes for both cologne and aftershave.  Click on the Jade East prompt to purchase directly from the manufacturer.




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Knight distributing company is recognized as both a manufacturer and distributor of jade east fragrance, hair enhancer thickener and beauty products to the national retail industry since 1968, Knight Distributing Company and its manufacturing division Regency Cosmetics are now able to provide a wide range of quality items directly to you. We are pleased to introduce My Secret Hair Enhancer to the marketplace along with the other featured products offering professional quality at value pricing.


      Jade East             Now longer lasting!!!
My Secret Shampoo and Conditioner

My Secret

Hair Enhancer

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